Organizations can pay for your medical marijuana


It was understood that it was inevitable in the end, and it is certainly not surprising that the announcement came from California. An insurance organization in Sacramento, California, known as Statewide Insurance Services, offers insurance to help pay for your medical marijuana needs.

That is, of course, not news. What is information is that this company is offering to cover the costs of cannabis in healthcare.

Does Medicare Cover Medical Marijuana?

The company plans to pay for all aspects of the medical marijuana industry, including everything from the exact medical insurance to the companies participating in the process. They will provide employees with compensation intended for companies to expand and distribute medical marijuana. They will offer car insurance that will cover cars used to transport the specific healthcare cannabis. They can provide coverage for infrastructure, loss of property, and other costs.

The organization would offer these insurance policies in most 50 state governments. Currently, you will only find 14 states that allow the use of marijuana in healthcare. What this usually means, if and when medical cannabis is legalized in the specified state, this company may be able to step in and provide the appropriate insurance coverage.

Medical Marijuana Patients

Potentially large companies are available to document insurance coverage for medical cannabis stores. As soon as California legalized medical marijuana in 1996, dispensaries appeared. Currently, there are somewhere around 2,000 in the state of California alone. That symbolizes a huge market when extrapolated in the United States.

Overall, the tide seems to be turning to marijuana in healthcare. A growing number of states are producing legal drugs for medical use. Meanwhile, the Obama administration announced a year ago that it would likely end actual federal government charges against marijuana farmers operating within state law limits.