What is hemp?


Hemp, also known by the Latin name Cannabis, is a plant species of Cannabaceae. It is currently the only species legally accepted in today’s society. The hemp used to be widely used. However, it has been gradually banned or heavily regulated in the twentieth century because of its psychoactive properties.

What is Industrial Hemp?

Hemp has multiple applications such as textile, construction, cosmetics, sound, and thermal insulation, manufacture of oils, ropes, bedding, fuel, stationery, food, animal feed, biofuels, recreational use, recreational use, or recreational use, or as composite materials in combination with plastics. The hemp industry has been revamped with oil prices and environmental awareness. European countries and local communities are trying to promote hemp cultivation.

Hemp vs. Marijuana: What’s the Difference?

Recreational use of cannabis is considered a soft drug. Being a soft drug means that there is no physical dependence or death from overdose with hemp. This is a very important finding, unlike heroin, alcohol, or other drugs.

However, the main risks of cannabis are The possibility of psychological dependence. For example, the reliance on the drug’s effect can cause a withdrawal within oneself for psychologically vulnerable people for whom cannabis is a means of escaping reality. Another risk is that driving under the influence of cannabis can lead to fatal accidents.

All drugs and psychological modifiers can lead to risky behavior. Education is a great defense for yourself and your friends when controlling drug use. There are also many resources available to anyone who wants to change their dependence on these substances.